Vanessa Galle

I am the creative force behind Vanessa Galle Photography & Design with over 13 years of industry experience that have allowed me to garner a reputation in designing detailed, creative and modern websites and graphics for my clients.  Based in Vaughan, my client list includes: Fortune 500 Companies, financial institutions, fashion brands, fine dining establishments, and charitable organizations to name merely a few.

As both a photographer and graphic designer, I am able to provide creative packages that benefit my clients on all levels. My attention to detail and ability to transform thoughts into images are a testament to my talent and passion .

I have honed my skills in all aspects of design, from art direction, and concept to development, to print production.  I take into consideration the latest industry trends, and am able to conceive creative and modern graphics to establish, enhance or reinvent my clients’ brand.

A combination of knowledge, experience and intuition has given me the ability to deliver to my clients and their audiences the best creatively.


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